Excelente Servicio. Tuve una super experiencia muy complacida con sus servicios abogada. En el futuro la elijo nuevamente gracias por atender mi caso- Yanira Rivas Hernandez, May 7, 2020

Muy buena abogada, con vision para ayudar mi caso, muy prepaprada y professional, audaz y muy diligente, agradezsco sus servicios y espero seguir contando con ella. – Judith Rodriguez, May 10, 2020

La Dra Marlene Sanchez, Esq ha sido una excelente professional para mi solicitud de asilo en EEUU’ ya que siempre estuvo atenta a cualquier inquietud sobre mi caso, asistiendome de manera oportuna cada vez que lo ameritaba. – Mario Lopez, May 9, 2020

I was really nervous about my case. Marlene Sanchez, Esq really listened to me to ensure that I could tell my story. My affidavit was well written and I felt extremely prepared for my asylum interview. I was nervous but she put me at ease. She understood that it was difficult for me to talk about my life and she was able to make me feel safe. I knew she was there for me every step of the way. – Clyde Purcell, May 18, 2020.

Our journey to become a permanent resident has been a very stressful one. But after my wife and I met Marlene Sanchez, Esq she laid everything out for us clearly and helped us every step of the way. We started from nothing and Marlene Sanchez, Esq worked very hard with us even though we had less than a month to prepare out case. She was available anytime we needed her and away made sure we were on top of what we needed to do. She treated us like family and guided us not only through our case but also gave us life advice. Marlene Sanchez, Esq was there for us in more ways that one can imagine and we were so thankful that we met her and could work with her. She is passionate about her cases and she was determined to come out of it successfully. She gave us hope and confidence when we most needed it and thought we couldn't do it anymore. We recommend her to anyone that needs immigration service and we are very happy thatMarlene Sanchez, Esq represented us. – Juan Ulloa Ulloa, May 18, 2020